Goodbye, America?

On Sunday, my wife and I went for a walk in a park located in an affluent area near where we live. We were struck by the fact that no one else there was speaking English. We heard only Chinese and Russian. It felt eerie, as if the park had somehow been taken

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The Left’s Hostile Takeover of Corporate America

One of the things that made “Disruptive Politics in the Trump Era,” John Fonte’s recent column for American Greatness, so provocative was his insight that the depredations of the Administrative State are indissolubly allied with what he calls “the cultural leviathan,”  the progressive-left-dominated institutions that define the uplands of American social and political

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A Tale of Two Presidents and One Newspaper

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The stench of failure hangs over Mr. X’s White House. The people know it, judging by the opinion polls. Corporate titans know it and whisper disenchantment with a fellow conservative. Washington knows it when an Administration official calls the budgeting process ''an unmitigated outrage'' and

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With Dignity, Trump Crosses the Delaware

The tax-cut bill is the beginning of the end of the Cult of Victimization. With its passage, the Republican majority in Congress, however tenuous, has scored its first (and only) major legislative victory, handing president Trump and the American people an early Christmas present. That it was passed without a single opposition-party vote in

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Raping the Voters: The Left’s Power Play with Sexual Politics

As if on cue and without so much as an altar call, an entire generation of sexual libertines announced their overnight conversion to sexual propriety. And, just like that, murder, taking one for the team, rape, unwanted displays of genitalia, semen-stained blue dresses, cigars, knee pads, one free grope, enabling the same, and

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We Can’t Understand Chinese Without First Understanding English

For centuries, French was the lingua franca of Europe—the common language, that is, spoken among people with different native languages. Until the mid-20th century, if you were a diplomat from just about anywhere, you spoke French. Today, thanks to the ubiquity of the American economy and culture, English is the world’s lingua franca.

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Does Trump Threaten Science? Part 2

On December 7—a date presumably chosen because it is Pearl Harbor Day and thus resonates with general alarm—the American Association of University Professors issued a thirteen-page statement, “National Security, the Assault on Science, and Academic Freedom.” The aim of the statement is to call out President Trump in particular and conservatives in general for

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How to Live in the Ruins of the Collapse of the American University

Our friends over at American Affairs have published the most un-American explanation of what the university is and does. The piece comes from the pen of Justin Stover, a fellow at the most old-world college there is, All Souls, Oxford. This is a place without students, where the happy few enjoy, at someone else’s

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