The Institutionalized Race War

Disgraced former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman warns that President Trump may trigger a “race war.” But that war is already underway, and the Left fired first, emboldened by the poison of identity politics. That the Left is waging war on America in explicitly racial and ethnic terms is not something that

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A Not So Fine Madness

Near the end of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, in the first century A.D., with the emperor having removed himself from Rome and living out his dissipated life on the Isle of Capri, the Eternal City was gripped by a kind of madness. Plots and rumors of plots were everywhere; senators of high

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The Shame of the Church

The release yesterday of a state grand jury report on the widespread sexual abuse of minors by priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses only serves to confirm—as if further confirmation were necessary—that there is a deep moral rot in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, and one that will not be easily eradicated.

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No, Richard Spencer Is Not a ‘Wilsonian Progressive’

Contrary to recent claims, Richard Spencer is not a “Wilsonian Progressive.” How could he be? Woodrow Wilson pushed for foreign war in the name of “Democracy,” saw the administrative state as the cornerstone of government action, and sought the spiritual uplift of Americans from the “hosts of sin” and a “heartless” economic system.

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The Spanish Inquisition: Back by Popular Demand

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” said Monty Python, the great British comedy troupe that the BBC now dismisses as unwanted “Oxbridge white blokes." In his book The Anatomy of Evil, psychiatrist Michael H. Stone reassures us that: There are no longer many people who endorse the goals of the Spanish Inquisition, claiming that

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Frankly, I Do Give a Damn: Thomas Frank’s Essays About America

If America has a rendezvous with doom rather than destiny, if our end lies not in physical destruction but in moral decline and material decadence, we need only look at the false history we continue to manufacture. From the McMansions that litter the land to our neglect of the land itself, in which

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Marxism in the Mainstream

Don’t miss the significance of the Sarah Jeong affair. In this story freedom of speech, double standards, and the question of whether someone should be fired are all secondary distractions from what should be most alarming about it. The most important thing to note is that Marxism is now in the mainstream. Jeong

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Let’s Not Throw the Word Treason Around

When they talk about President Trump, why are so many Democratic politicians talking about treason? Whatever they may truly believe, why are they letting their inflammatory rhetoric become decoupled from the facts?By doing so, they are setting the country on a dangerous, unpredictable trajectory that could lead to a crisis of political legitimacy. And

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Americanization: An American Idea That Works

The Trump Era is iconoclastic as much as it is mythoclastic, with one chimera slain after another. But some lies die harder than others. Alex Nowrasteh, the Cato Institute’s senior immigration policy analyst, is a self-described “Globalist [and] Elitist.” Who better to lecture Americans on patriotism? Recently, Nowrasteh joined the chorus lambasting Michael

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