Don’t Blame Avenatti

With the dust finally settling after the nasty, protracted fight to forestall Judge Brett Kavanaugh from becoming Justice Kavanaugh, Democrats now see they have made […]

Building the Wall After All?

After two solid years of fighting it, congressional Republicans may now be prepared to fund President Trump’s border wall after all. On Monday, Speaker of […]

The Coming Red Tide

Republicans are slated to lose the midterms next month. History is against them. The “experts” don’t think the GOP has a snowball’s chance in Florida. […]

Trump Stands Up To the Mob

Way back in 2016, in a telephone conversation with my twentysomething niece, she said to me: “You’re not actually going to vote for Donald Trump, […]

Cosko Is Not An Unpaid Intern

Capitol Police on October 3 arrested 27-year old congressional staffer Jackson Cosko for posting on Wikipedia the private addresses of three members of  the Senate […]

The Campus Comes to Congress

The polarizing atmosphere of the university has now spread to Congress. During the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we witnessed how […]