Zero Tolerance Is Dead at the Border

President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border is effectively dead unless Congress intervenes. Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security confirmed last week […]

NeverTrump is Now NeverSCOTUS

As Democrats have (another) collective meltdown over this week’s Supreme Court rulings and the impending retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, President Trump’s supporters are venting […]

Trumping the Rule of Law

The outrage over the “crisis at the border” raises a question about the principles of NeverTrump conservatives. They whine about President Trump undermining or attacking […]

Space Nationalism Now!

Donald Trump has yet again followed through on one of his promises: he is reinvigorating America’s space policy. The White House has finally taken seriously […]

Two Pathways on Immigration

In a win for the rule of law, the amnesty push in the House of Representatives—for the moment, at least—has been stopped in its tracks. […]