A Showdown Like No Other

We are in the midst of the fourth and fifth rounds, now unfolding simultaneously, in Donald Trump’s revolutionary eviction of the Democratic establishment with its […]

Jeff Flake’s Spineless Betrayal

Watching the Senate Judiciary Committee’s final vote on Friday, it was hard not to feel sorry for Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). The shrieking and obstreperous women […]

Last Chance for Trump’s Wall?

Building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise. He’s running out of chances to keep it. Trump has been president […]

Jeff Flake’s Long Game

Jeff Flake is an ambitious man. His ambition is to sabotage President Trump, the Republican Party, and Trump voters by any means possible. Few Americans […]

The Gillibrand Standard

The silver lining of the Kavanaugh show trial, if one may be allowed to speak of such a thing, is that a great many formerly […]