When Words Kill

As every young American is taught (or used to be taught) the Constitution’s First Amendment protects free speech. “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” We can say whatever we want. And that’s as it should be. Societies constraining the freedom of speech have invariably slid by

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Of Baseball and Bloodshed in Our Chaotic Age

The annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity is a bipartisan, bicameral contest between Republican and Democratic teams. Each side diligently practices for weeks, but it is far from toil (though the aging athlete’s aching muscles indicate otherwise). For the participants, it is an idyllic nostalgia trip that swaps the cut and thrust of

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Three Reflections on the Post-Election Reaction

Some scattered thoughts on the reaction of the Left to the Trump victory: 1)  I went to bed last night as reports were coming in from Los Angeles (and, apparently, across the country) of protests, demonstrations, vandalism, and even violence. Gee. I wonder why? An illustration: Let this sear into your memory. Today's Left does not seek

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Looking for a Save in Extra Innings

Over at Ace of Spades on Wednesday I was reminded of this great scene from Field of Dreams: http://youtu.be/qwB7fRI-jp8 And they’ll walk off to the bleachers and sit in their short sleeves on a perfect afternoon. And find they have reserved seats somewhere along the baselines where they sat when they were children. And cheer

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