Cake, Conscience, and Kangaroo Courts

The Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission was no jurisprudential masterpiece, but its messy eating marks an important point in First Amendment law, in both religious free exercise and free speech rights. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion is the first step in unshackling religious free exercise from the hostility

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The Cosmic Racist

Meet the enduring godfather of Razaismo: Any teacher can corroborate that the children and youths descended from Scandinavians, Dutch, and English found in North American universities, are much slower, and almost dull, compared with the mestizo children and youths from the south. No student names, grade records, SAT scores, or subsequent career information

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The Creepy and Creeping Power of Social Media

With the recent revelations that “Google allowed "Nazism” to be associated with the California Republican Party in searches, to YouTube removing purely mechanical gun content, to the news that Facebook allowed far greater access to private data than anyone realized, it’s time to have a conversation about what these social and tech giants really

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These Speakers Go to 11

Pundits in the mainstream American media are driving themselves crazy. Their coverage of President Trump has been at a fever pitch for the past year and a half, but somehow it feels as though the pitch is constantly rising. Each time we turn on the news, we hear that the Trump administration has

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Tom Wolfe, 1930–2018: On the Late Literary Treasure

Editor’s note: This essay appears in the June 2018 issue of the The New Criterion. It is reprinted by their kind permission.  The passing of Tom Wolfe last month at eighty-eight was met, as was appropriate, by an outpouring of affectionate commemoration. True, the praise, the enthusiasm, the fondness was here and there punctuated by some sniffy (though

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No, White Communities Aren’t Less Safe than Diverse Ones

The Los Angeles Times last week published a provocative claim for our “woke” era: “White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color.” So argues Mike Males, a senior research fellow at the San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. On the face of it,

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Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too

Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, decided by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, was the most closely watched case of the 2017-2018 term. And for good reason. In a classic culture war match-up, a devout Christian baker, Jack Phillips, was pitted against a same-sex couple, who were incensed that Phillips

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