American Conservatism

On the Moderation of Donald Trump

After President Trump’s speech last week to a joint session of Congress, the inanity that Trump “became President tonight” was the new mantra of many […]

CPAC 2017: An Autopsy

Author’s note: I have prepared this piece in accordance with the factual standards used by CNN and Buzzfeed. Any “fake news” is thus immune from […]

Who Cares About ‘Conservatism’?

Elite movement conservatives still do not understand what the 2016 election means for conservatism. Many have not evinced even the slightest bit of introspection or […]

Dismantling the Deep State

When I was just a boy, people said of federal employment that federal workers traded the higher salaries of the private sector for job security. […]

Michael Novak, RIP

It is with sadness that we at American Greatness note the passing of the accomplished writer, thinker, and theologian Michael Novak—a man whose influence extended to […]

Washington’s Bill of Wrongs

Nearly a year ago, National Review writer Kevin Williamson infamously declared that white, working class communities “deserve to die.” While the charge reverberated and appalled […]