The Flight 93 Decade

Last fall, current Deputy Assistant to the President Michael Anton set off a firestorm with a pro-Trump essay titled "The Flight 93 Election." Anton argued that the election of Hillary Clinton was so threatening to America that she could be likened to the terrorists who took control of the doomed 9/11 Flight 93, intending

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Julie Kelly on Sarah Sanders and Leftist Hypocrisy About Women

American Greatness contributor, Julie Kelly, appeared on the "Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler" on the One America News Network (OANN) to discuss her piece "Sarah Sanders is Above the Shame Game" and the hypocrisy of the Left's rhetoric about the "war on women."  Enjoy the video below. Julie Kelly on OANN from Annie

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Comprehending the Big Lessons of World War II

Victor Davis Hanson’s latest work, The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, is a synthesis of existing scholarship on World War II, presented with insights from the history of warfare throughout the ages befitting the author’s expertise in the broad sweep of military history. The book is arranged

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What’s At Stake in Alabama

Are we “really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice” or are we “forever destined to depend for [our] political constitutions on accident and force.” That’s the question Alexander Hamilton asked during the fight to ratify the Constitution. And the special election in Alabama should cause us to ask

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Breaking the Republican Stockholm Syndrome

The Democrats are rolling out their 2018 campaign strategy: Resurrect the “war on women” rhetoric that served them well in 2012 against Mitt Romney and his hapless presidential campaign. Senator Al Franken’s (D-Minn.) atrocious and ugly “resignation” speech on the Senate floor last week can only be understood in light of this larger

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The Swamplarkers’ Dirt Purge

Reveling in my freedom in our Age of Communications Revolution, I found myself rummaging through the bowels of YouTube (best not to say for what). In the process, I discovered an exotic foreign past time: “mudlarking.” Pursued in a nation purporting to be a United Kingdom, properly licensed royal subjects amble along the

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Baby It’s Dumb Outside

Isn’t it enough that the Always Correct Left has created an environment where we, in our gender fluidity, are now constantly and carefully dodging a minefield of emotional triggers? No. In recent years, a segment of the conservative population has begun to adopt the Left’s habit of subjectively “reading into” most any situation

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