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Wayne Isaac is the pseudonym of a citizen, a patriot, and a Midwesterner.

American Empire Won’t Protect Americans

A clear-headed foreign policy requires serious thought, not stale slogans. An op-ed by Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) in the Wall Street Journal headlined “Troops in the Mideast Keep Terror Away” exemplifies why. After $6 trillion, 6,000 American dead, and 17 largely fruitless years, Crenshaw and Gallagher argue that America

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MAGA Men Unashamed

The Left fears men. Which is exactly why the corporate-media-activist ideological conglomerate is currently losing its collective mind over a viral video of young, white, Catholic men in MAGA hats smirking at an Indian. In the video, the Indian provocatively beats a drum a few inches from a teenager’s face. The young man

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Did You Thank a Journalist Today?

How dare Donald Trump call the media “the enemy of the people”! Doesn’t he know that journalists perform an indispensable role in protecting Our Democracy? Without them, who would do the necessary work of gleefully destroying the reputations and livelihoods of heartland Americans minding their own business? Afflict the comfortable and comfort the

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Down the Memory Hole

Gavin Long. Micah Johnson. James Hodgkinson. Frederick Scott. Emanuel Samson. These men have something in common, dear reader. Do you know what it is? Try answering without the aid of references. Difficult, no? How about an easier one. Who is Dylann Roof? You probably already have an image of him in your mind.

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Beware ‘Global Citizens’ (and Their Dumb Festivals)

If you wish to understand America today, attend the Global Citizen Festival. Here you can see our institutions-media, political and corporate-march in perfect lockstep toward a new world order entirely disconnected from the nation's founding vision. Here you can see Cardi B and Jeff Flake on the same stage (sponsored by Citi Bank, Cadillac, and

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The Genius of the Elevator Women

The Elevator Women sniping Senator Flake in front of so many journalists was a deliberate move. And it worked beautifully. Public tongue-lashings of this sort are wonderfully effective against men. Flake was caught in an enclosed space, unable to escape, maneuver, or construct a hasty defense. Off guard and off kilter, he simply stuttered out

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A 9/11 Reflection

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum are deeply ugly. Those two gaping pits, a vision of the abyss, mar that tragic earth. Like gashes that never healed, but rather festered into black necrosis, the 9/11 memorial reveals a sickness; a sickness not of the body but of the soul. That day changed

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No, Richard Spencer Is Not a ‘Wilsonian Progressive’

Contrary to recent claims, Richard Spencer is not a “Wilsonian Progressive.” How could he be? Woodrow Wilson pushed for foreign war in the name of “Democracy,” saw the administrative state as the cornerstone of government action, and sought the spiritual uplift of Americans from the “hosts of sin” and a “heartless” economic system.

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Feminism Ruined “The Last Jedi”

Beneath the orgiastic CGI spectacle, campy writing, and poor plotting in “The Last Jedi” is a mythological grotesquerie that fails to rise to the level of art and instead wallows in the realm of ideological fanaticism and propaganda. Ideology corrupts art. Modern feminism, like the Marxism that preceded it, seeks a radical break

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