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Violet Wister is an escapee from the Conservative Movement and a practicing thought criminal. She likes whiskey best, and Aristotle second.

Where the Globalist Agenda Really Leads

  The greatest, or most commonly raised, objection to the “Flight 93 Election” piece by the inimitable Decius seems to be that he is too pessimistic. In fact, they said precisely what he said they would: things aren’t so bad! No need to panic, or even to question the way we think about politics! So

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The Suicide Pact

  “What happened to the American Dream? It came true. You’re looking at it.”  —The Comedian, Watchmen (1986) Supposedly, it is Abraham Lincoln who first used the phrase, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact,” when referring to his allegedly extra-constitutional acts during what historian Shelby Foote simply called “The War.” But as I watched the

Thieleology: The Logos of Peter Thiel (and some thoughts on the New GOP)

In a two-party political system such as our own, parties have to be big tents.  Anyone who has studied the American political party system and the course of its history might notice not only realignments of those parties over time, but the need for broader and broader tents as the country has gotten bigger and

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How Conservatism Failed Millennials and Created ‘Generation Trump’

  It’s easy to hate Millennials. Has there ever been a generation easier to hate? They’re rude, historically illiterate, smug, smartphone-obsessed, and more interested in Internet memes than in carefully written, thoughtful political think pieces. We have all been at least mildly annoyed by the ironic T-shirt-wearing hipster in our local Starbucks, the delusional college

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