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Thomas J. Farnan is an attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in Forbes and he is a regular contributor to and the Observer.

Why Ordinary Americans Are Unperturbed by Russia Mania

President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin was a profile in courage against an onslaught of media pressure that would have made a typical glad-handing huckster politician fold. By engaging in rational foreign policy without the baggage of swamp politics, President Trump did precisely what American voters fed up with Washington’s insider games expected

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Here’s Why Hardiman Would Be Best for the Court

President Trump reportedly has narrowed his list for the vacant Supreme Court seat to four sitting circuit court judges: Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh, and Raymond Kethledge. Barrett, who has strong support among old-line conservative polemicists, is a member of an ecumenical group called People of Praise. Many Catholics, including me,

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Fake News Finally Scores on Trump

The media earlier this week reported breathlessly that President Trump was separating children from their parents at the border and placing them in cages. Trump was doing it, commentators claimed, because he is a mean, racist jerk, and this finally proved it. It was fake news, as usual. For the first time, though,

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How Twitter Diplomacy Works

President Trump this week will bust 68 years of diplomatic white paper inertia and meet the leader of a nation with which America has been at war since 1950. In Singapore, Trump may add to a list of accomplishments that includes full employment, a booming economy, and sharp drops in illegal immigration, a

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All the President’s Men II: Dirty Tricks with a Vengeance

When the Nunes memo finally became public, the media immediately went to work to say it was “nothing.” Really? Replace the names “Comey,” “Strzok” and “McCabe” with “Haldeman,” “Ehrlichman” and “Mitchell” and reread it, please. It’s a lot like Watergate, if the original break was not the work of G. Gordon Liddy and

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