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Thomas J. Farnan is an attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in Forbes and he is a regular contributor to and the Observer. Follow him on Twitter @tfarnanlaw.

Sorry, Tucker, Titania McGrath Is Real

Every civilization worth the flame of its kiln produces an epic that combines poetry, storytelling, philosophy, and commentary. Greece had The Iliad. Rome had The Aeneid. The Brits have Beowulf. The civilization that postdates Twitter's 2006 launch now has its epic: Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. The book, written in the first

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Does Kiev Hold the Key to the Russian Collusion Hoax?

The Russian probe is the greatest American political scandal ever because it began with the worst political felony there could be, short of assassination. Petty bureaucrats fabricated high crimes and misdemeanors to sway an election and then, failing in that, they attempted to thwart a duly elected president. It was an attempted coup

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The ‘Hodgkinson Standard’ and the Political Blame Game

On June 14, 2017, James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer during the presidential primaries, opened fire on a Republican congressional baseball practice in northern Virginia. Four people were shot, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.). President Trump addressed the shooting saying, “We may have our differences . . . We are

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Did the British Collude to Steal the Election for Hillary?

To borrow a Shakespearean expression turned colloquialism, “there's something rotten in the state of Denmark.” Great Britain has reportedly applied diplomatic pressure against releasing the unredacted Carter Page FISA documents. Why? Is it that British spy agencies were hot on the trail of Russian collusion and they do not want to have their

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Trump Stands Up To the Mob

Way back in 2016, in a telephone conversation with my twentysomething niece, she said to me: “You’re not actually going to vote for Donald Trump, are you?” She was reminding me of a cultural taboo. There was playground consensus against Trump’s election among the smart and thoughtful. In sociological parlance, this is called

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Washington Suffers a Relapse with Kavanaugh Stupidity

Statistically, a person recovering from addiction can be expected to suffer at least one relapse. The Washington, D.C., political establishment has been on its Trump-step program now for about 20 months. It’s not going well. Every time it has been tempted to turn the ordinary into the next great decisive battle for the

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