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Michael Walsh on the Decline of California

Author and American Greatness contributor Michael Walsh joined Publisher Chris Buskirk on the radio this week to discuss his latest article, "Sacramento Democrats Fire on Fort Sumter," which explores how Jerry Brown and other "Resistance" politicians in California are defying the federal government and the U.S. Constitution. (And don't forget to order Walsh's

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Weichert and Buskirk Discuss the State of the World

American Greatness contributing editor Brandon Weichert joined AG Publisher Chris Buskirk on the radio this week to cover the landscape of foreign affairs, including (especially) the uprising in Iran, which Weichert argues is partly result of a fertility crisis that has enveloped the Islamic Republic. Listen to the interview and read the transcript.

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Robert Curry on Marxism-Lennonism

Author Robert Curry joined Seth Leibsohn and Chris Buskirk earlier this week to celebrate the arrival of 2018 and to discuss his latest article for American Greatness, "Goodbye, America?" Listen to the interview and read the transcript. Seth Leibsohn: Happy Tuesday, January 2, 2018. That's the first time I'll be saying that. That's great

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Boychuk and Hayward Celebrate a Year of American Greatness

American Greatness Managing Editor Ben Boychuk joined PowerLine's Steven Hayward for a lively chat "celebrating a year of American Greatness"—not just President Trump's accomplishments, but the efforts of the trio of editors who work to bring this website to you every day. We're big fans of PowerLine. Be sure to subscribe to the

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Buskirk on the Latest Mueller Investigation News

American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk appeared on “Hardball” this week with guest host Steve Kornacki to discuss Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion by Trump campaign officials with the Russians. Watch the segment and read the transcript. Steve Kornacki:  Joining me now is Chris Buskirk. He's a Trump supporter as well

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Buskirk on What 2018 Will Bring Republicans and Democrats

American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk joined PBS Newshour's John Yang and Karine Jean-Pierre of to discuss the state of partisan politics as 2017 winds down and what might be in store for 2018. Watch the video and read the transcript. Hari Sreenivasan: Taxes were just one of the top political stories of 2017.

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Michael Walsh on the Tax Reform Win

Michael Walsh joined American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk to discuss his latest feature, "With Dignity, Trump Crosses the Delaware," on President Trump's first major legislative win: tax reform. Listen to the audio and read the transcript. Chris Buskirk: I am Chris Buskirk. He is Seth Leibsohn. This is the Seth and Chris Show. We're

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Ken Masugi on Trump as a “Coarse Correcting Compromiser”

American Greatness contributing editor, Ken Masugi, recently delivered a lecture at the Ashbrook Center of Ashland University to a group of outstanding students in the school's Ashbrook Scholar Program. The lecture was based, in part, on an important article Masugi published here in June titled, "Coarse Correction: The Real Significance of the 2016 Election"

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Erik Root and Rose Tennent Discuss Christmas at the White House

American Greatness contributor, Erik Root, was interviewed by Rose Tennent of Rose Unplugged on AM 1250 The Answer in Pittsburgh to discuss his recent piece for "Good Taste Returns to the White House this Christmas."  The audio and a transcript of that interview are posted below. Rose:    Welcome back to the show. This

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