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Hamilton on Immigration

"To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country... would be nothing less, than to admit the Grecian Horse into the Citadel of our Liberty and Sovereignty." —Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton, writing as "Lucius Crassus" in the New York Evening Post on January 12, 1802,

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How to Advance the Greatness Agenda — A Post-Election Symposium

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory in the presidential contest of 2016, there are far too many postmortems seeking to explain the question, "How did this happen?" Though many of us at American Greatness were pleasantly surprised by the extent of Trump's victory, we always understood how it would come, if it came. So

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Conservatives For Trump: A Symposium Featuring Scholars & Writers For Trump

When 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence they declared their "reliance upon divine Providence" and pledged to each their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Today, 125 scholars and writers have pledged to support Donald Trump for president. While we too rely upon divine Providence today, it is because of those risks taken by those

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An Interview with Decius

The pseudonymous Publius Decius Mus has angered and mystified his critics with his bracing assessment of our political moment in his essay, “The Flight 93 Election,” which—along with the follow-up essay—quickly went viral and generated commentary from left and right. With so many questions and so much controversy swirling around his ideas, American Greatness spoke with

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Who is Decius? Who is the author of The Flight 93 Election that has Conservatism, Inc. frowning in consternation? This is the question of looming importance to the leading lights of Conservatism, Inc.. Their courage, never to be doubted, is now summoned and on full display in the usual places . . . so, Twitter. Speculation about

Why Conservative Intellectuals Support Trump – A Reply To Peter Beinart

  Peter Beinart is a bit late to the party in excoriating “Trump’s intellectuals.” It’s not just that the theme has been done to death, months ago. It’s also that, in order to conjure up a hook for his piece, Beinart makes the preposterous claim that “more than a year after Trump announced his presidential

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Our Declaration of Independence from the Conservative Movement

American Greatness aims to be the leading voice of the next generation of American Conservatism. Divisions made evident during the 2016 Republican primaries made the need for a new journal of American conservatism undeniable. The soil of the conservative movement is exhausted. It needs fertilization, re-sowing, and diligent cultivation if it is to thrive again.

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