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How the State Department is Undermining Trump’s Agenda

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has isolated himself from his own department and allowed subordinates to fill a handful of top positions with people who actively opposed Donald Trump’s election, according to current and former State Department officials and national security experts with specific knowledge of the situation. News reports often depict a

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Weichert and Liebsohn on Geopolitics and Rock and Roll

American Greatness contributing editor, Brandon Weichert joined another contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn last week on the Seth and Chris Show for a wide-ranging discussion of a number of topics from the growing threat of China, a potential alliance between the Saudis and Russia, missile defense, and even rock and roll. You can listen to

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Gorka to Values Voters Summit: ‘This is a National Movement to Retake Our Country’

Sebastian Gorka on Saturday addressed Focus on the Family's annual Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. Gorka is a U.S. military and intelligence analyst, and a former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump—a position he left at the end of August. He's currently the chief strategist for the Make America Great Again Coalition.

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Julie Kelly and Chris Buskirk on Hollywood Hypocrites

Writer Julie Kelly joined American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk to talk about the worsening allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, along with some of the surprising implications of it all. Listen to the interview and read the transcript below. Chris Buskirk: I’m Chris Buskirk. He is Seth Leibsohn. This, of course, is the

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Ponzi and Leibsohn on “Muscular Americanism”

American Greatness Senior Editor Julie Ponzi joined AG contributing editor Seth Leibsohn yesterday on The Seth and Chris Show to discuss the ways conservatives continuously cave to the Left when challenged on questions of race and America's greatness.  You can listen to the audio and/or read the transcript of their conversation below:Seth Leibsohn:  Welcome back to the

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Buskirk on Fox’s The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

American Greatness Publisher, Chris Buskirk, appeared Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton” to discuss the ongoing reaction to the NFL national anthem protests, the elitist response from politicians to the shooting last week in Las Vegas, the implications and prospects for Europe amidst he unrest over Catalonia, the threat

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Ponzi on FOX’s The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

American Greatness Senior Editor, Julie Ponzi, appeared Sunday on Fox News Channel's "The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton" to discuss the ongoing reaction to the NFL national anthem protests, tax reform, and a number of other topics.  Below are a couple of highlights. And on tax reform: Watch the latest video at

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Ben Boychuk with Chris Buskirk on Conservative Culpability

American Greatness Managing Editor, Ben Boychuk, AG publisher, Chris Buskirk, last week on The Seth and Chris Show to discuss the ways in which conservatives and Republicans are culpable for their own defeats because of their poor ground game and their tendency to engage in self-defeating intramural warfare. Have a listen: Chris Buskirk:  Hi, I'm

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Michael Walsh on the Impending Death of the NFL

Author and screenwriter Michael Walsh joined American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk to discuss the culture war battle over the National Football League. The problem with pro football goes well beyond players refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Listen to the interview and read the transcript. Chris Buskirk: I am Chris Buskirk, he

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