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Help American Greatness Expand Our Reach in 2020

America is worth defending—not the abstraction, but the actual country, its people, its institutions, and the principles that made them great. Today that is a controversial statement, but it shouldn’t be. The radicals control the high places of the culture and they have for a long time: colleges and universities have become seminaries for political

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Ned Ryun: Restoring Our Republic

Ned Ryun, Founder and CEO of American Majority and frequent contributor to American Greatness, discusses his new book, "Restoring our Republic," as well as his recent column, "The Senate Needs to Stop Sniveling." Listen to "MGS 12 17 19 American Greatness writer Ned Ryun talks about his new book: "Restoring our Republic"" on Spreaker.

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Michael Anton on The Mark Griffith Show

Michael Anton joins The Mark Griffith Show to discuss impeachment, media bias, and the reaction to that among the public and Republican pols. Anton is a lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College's Kirby Center in Washington, DC, and a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Listen to "MGS 12 09 19 Michael Anton joins

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