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Chris Buskirk on PBS News Hour

American Greatness publisher and senior editor, Chris Buskirk, appeared on PBS News Hour yesterday.  Below you can watch video or read the transcript from the interview. Hari Sreenivasan:  The president responds to another terror attack on U.S. soil, while Republicans on Capitol Hill continue to debate the path forward on tax reform, and Trump

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Andrew C. McCarthy on Colliding Scandals

Columnist and former federal prosecutor, Andrew C. McCarthy joined American Greatness publisher, Chris Buskirk, and contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn, to discuss his recent work on the many scandals that seem to be bubbling up around the Democrats and the Clintons over Uranium One and the question of the infamous Steele/Fusion GPS Russian dossier

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Dr. Kelli Ward and Chris Buskirk on Building a Representative Majority

Candidate for the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate seat currently held by Senator Jeff Flake, Dr. Kelli Ward, joined American Greatness senior editor and publisher, Chris Buskirk, to discuss Flake's announcement of his retirement. What does this mean for for Arizona and Republican Party politics in general?  You can listen to their conversation

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Boychuk and Buskirk on the Ongoing Problems at State

American Greatness managing editor, Ben Boychuk, joined editor and publisher, Chris Buskirk, on the Seth and Chris Show to discuss their recent piece at AG,  "How the State Department is Undermining Trump's Agenda." You can listen to the audio below or read the transcript that follows. Chris Buskirk:   I am Chris Buskirk. He

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Sabo and Liebsohn on Missing the Action on the Right

Mike Sabo, a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness, joined American Greatness contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn last week on the Seth and Chris Show to discuss the ways that General John Kelly's press conference about President Trump's dust up with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) exposed a kind of general ugliness

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Masugi and Liebsohn Discuss Troubles at U.S. Military Academies

Last Friday, American Greatness contributing editor, Ken Masugi joined AG contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn to discuss the ongoing troubles at America's military academies.  Professor Masugi has experience teaching both at the United States Air Force Academy and, during the Vietnam War, on the USS Enterprise. You may listen to the audio below or

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Fred Fleitz to Lou Dobbs: ‘Tillerson Should be Fired Tomorrow’

Fred Fleitz, who served as John Bolton's chief of staff at the United Nations during the George W. Bush Administration, joined Fox Business host Lou Dobbs to discuss the fall of Raqqa (good), progress against North Korea's nuclear program (better), and the appearance of insubordination among certain prominent members of President Trump's cabinet

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