Articles by Thaddeus G. McCotter

Will $1.3 Trillion Blobnibus Devour the GOP?

In 1958, The Blob appeared in theaters across America. The plot was standard science fiction fare: a meteor lands on the outskirts of a small Pennsylvania town and unleashes a ravenous alien life form that exponentially grows as it devours everything and everyone in its path. Well, it does until—spoiler alert!—teenage protagonist Steve Andrews discovers the […]

John Bolton is the Wise Choice

President Trump has named Ambassador John Bolton as his new national security advisor. It is a wise choice in challenging times. Bolton will succeed outgoing National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, to whom Americans owe a debt of gratitude for his lifetime of honorable and, doubtless, continuing service to our nation. Indeed, it cannot be […]

President Trump Betrayed—Again

Yet again, President Trump’s trust has been betrayed: a cretin from the White House’s inner circle has leaked that Trump was advised not to congratulate former KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin upon the Stalin-wannabe’s retaining his iron grip on the presidency of the Russian Federation. Obviously, the leaker betrayed the president’s trust to ingratiate the […]

B.S. News: Mueller Investigation Leaves No Stone Unturned

Leaving no stone unturned in digging into President Trump’s reported collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, sources familiar with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team’s published leaks posit the investigation has undertaken a groundbreaking development: the exhumation of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Disinterring Khrushchev from his marbled tomb in Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow, could […]

President Trump: Rocking the Swamp With Who’s Next

The president’s administration was in chaos in a time of national crisis, one in which the very fate of our free republic hung in the balance. There were internecine battles inside his cabinet, which was composed of many who opposed, and in some instances sought, his position. There were vitriolic condemnations of him as a […]

B.S. News: John Brennan, ‘America’s Savior’

It was a tale of cosmic coincidence almost too fateful and fantastic for belief. Yet, enough of the plainspoken man’s story echoed much of the credible scuttlebutt I’d dredged up from other former Deep State actors’ cosmeticians, all of whom were present prior to said Intelligence and National Security professionals’ TV appearances. Cloaking my eagerness, […]

Motor City Strikes Again: ‘Stop the Killer Cars!’

Leave it to the Regressive Left to put a pothole on the Motor City’s road to renewal. After decades of struggling, including becoming America’s largest municipal bankruptcy and enduring the restructuring of Chrysler and General Motors, Detroit has experienced an outburst of positive national press for being a hip city on the upswing. Yet, to […]

B.S. News: Is the Schiff About to Hit the Fan?

Reliably anonymous sources confirm that U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is prepared to go public with a list of more than 200 “known capitalists” in the Department of Commerce. “He’s been pretty open about his concerns over the abundance of evidence, and that some of it potentially indicates the Trump administration is riddled with known […]

Equal Justice Under Law: ‘Well, We’re Waiting’

Atop the entrance to the United States Supreme Court is engraved a solemn promise for every American to see: “Equal Justice Under Law.” Unconscionably, it is a promise that historically was broken with respect to many Americans, whose unjust treatment is rightly recorded and recounted as a reminder that, where the rights of some citizens […]

The Russian Indictments: Who’s Laughing Now?

I recall the time when President George W. Bush claimed to have looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and seen a soul. My response: “Whose?” In 2006, while I warned Putin was a Stalin-wannabe and enemy of the United States, the Swamp’s “sophisticated” foreign policy swells contemptuously chuckled at my antiquated “Cold War” paranoia. Six years […]

Adam ‘Pathfinder’ Schiff: Despicable, Smear-Mongering McCarthyite?

Though lauded by the complicit media for engorging their “echo chamber”((c) Ben Rhodes), nonetheless U.S. Rep.Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) (a.k.a. the “Pathfinder”) has received decidedly fewer plaudits in the new media. Given how sadistic Russian bots can be, many such critiques, accusations, and allegations levied against Schiff are scathing, brutal, and cruel. Shrug. As my father […]

Left’s End Game: The Scam Remains the Same

Step by step, the Left’s siren song and dance routine retains its consistent choreography. The Left’s media sheep bleat recently leaked “bombshells” that Trump considered firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller (as if “Trump Didn’t Fire Mueller!” is news). Picking up the tune, Senate Democrats warn Mueller’s dismissal would be a “red line” the president must […]

The Left’s Constitutional Crises: ‘Once Is Not Enough’

The Democrats and their media lemmings are no longer a party but a tantrum—one wreaking in its histrionic, heedless wake two simultaneous constitutional crises. First, under the Obama Administration, there was a cabal to pervert the police powers of the state for partisan political purposes. Specifically, as gleaned through open sources, employees of the Department […]

The Left Goes “Bananas”

Given Hollywood is a bastion of the Left, it is not surprising their “narratives” are oft recycled by Democrats into political fictions, fantasies and plots. The latest example is the Left’s clamoring to have President Trump declared “unfit to serve” and removed from office under a “novel” interpretation of the 25th amendment. I’ve seen this […]

Lessons in Swamplarking: How to Speak Swamplark

In this week’s study of swamplarkers—those political critters who wallow in the muck to tell the world you suck and pile drive the country through rock bottom—we prick up our ears to understand their lexicon. Each instance of how they conduct their social intercourse with their fellow predators, their prey, and the public (the latter […]

Lessons in Swamplarking: The Scurrilous Art of Leaking

Last week, I discussed the swamplarkers, those D.C. denizens who sift through the sands of time and sin looking for that golden nugget of “gotcha” to ruin other people’s lives while enriching their own. Having identified this loathsome species of political animal, let us now endeavor to chronicle their predatory practices, in that we may […]

The Swamplarkers’ Dirt Purge

Reveling in my freedom in our Age of Communications Revolution, I found myself rummaging through the bowels of YouTube (best not to say for what). In the process, I discovered an exotic foreign past time: “mudlarking.” Pursued in a nation purporting to be a United Kingdom, properly licensed royal subjects amble along the banks of […]

The Dwining of the Age of Aquarius

I was two years old in 1967 when the “Summer of Love” skipped Detroit. Alas, while in San Francisco all you needed was love, in Detroit we needed the National Guard. Even so, as hippies were taking the brown acid and I was crawling for another jar of Gerber’s strained bananas, the Left’s infantile antics […]

The Conservative Movement: ‘How Much Wisdom Have We Lost?’

In autumnal weather, one grows wistful . . . As a member of Generation X, I remember how difficult it was to scrounge up conservative tomes, publications and—above all prizing—broadcasts. Indeed, if memory serves, in the Left’s last-ditch attempt to prevent America’s youth from learning why they instinctively liked President Ronald Reagan, bookstores placed National […]

Only You Can Stop the Bipartisan Peddling of Lethal Nostalgia

If we open a quarrel between past and present,” Winston Churchill once said, “we shall find that we have lost the future.” I think it was etched on a statue of him Antifa smashed. Regardless, the cat nailed it. For when the present is chaotic and the future uncertain, it is all too human to […]