(Re-)launching Russiagate 2020

Get ready. The media, Democrats, and partisans within the intelligence community are ready to launch their sequel to the Russia-gate 2016 lie, and it’s treading all too familiar ground.   

Bloomberg’s ‘Happy Ending’ Panels

The Left has politicized and created a two-tiered justice system, one for the privileged Left and one for its enemies and everyone else. What do you think the Left is going to do with a government-run healthcare system?

Subsidiarity Saves the Day—Again!

What center-right populism seeks in the public sector is to match our consumer-driven economy with a citizen-driven government, one based on a principle that increases individual liberty and strengthens the bonds of traditional community.

The Rising Generation’s Intuitive Populism

Believing small is beautiful and taking advantage of the individual empowerment provided to them by the communications revolution, the vast majority of the rising generation is employing the tools of virtual community to forge stronger bonds of a new kind of traditional community. They are intuitive populists. 

The Democratic Party Isn’t

The Democratic Party isn’t democratic. Their egalitarian pose helps them take power from the people and serve them up to their real constituents in the administrative state.