Check Your Radical Privilege

People of goodwill, sound mind, and stout heart must send a nonnegotiable demand to the rioters and their liberal abettors before they do more damage: “Check your radical privilege.”

A Pandemic of Illogic

Democratic governors and their media abettors will lay the lethal consequences of their decisions during the pandemic and their continued lockdowns at the doorstep of President Trump. It is not logical. It is political.

Narrative Painting by Numbers

In our constitutional republic, it’s imperative for public policymakers to adopt sound measures based upon facts and effectively communicate them to the people to garner their consent. Our irresponsible media make that very difficult to do.

Can We Prepare America for the Next Pandemic?

If some politicians can’t or won’t address pressing questions in order to prepare America for the next “worst-case scenario,” then vote out the bums who put politics ahead of the public health; and put more responsible public servants in their seats to meet the people’s needs.