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The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

Who Leaked on Rod? (Hint: No Friend of Trump’s)

Recent articles in the New York Times and Washington Post cite anonymous sources who, claiming familiarity with the incidents and/or former FBI official Andrew McCabe’s contemporaneous memos, allege that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire and advised others to record the president secretly; and to solicit support from cabinet

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We’re All Gonna Die! Vote Democrat!

Around 1994, R. J. Rummel offered the term “democide” to define the “intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command." Victims of democide include: “forced labor and concentration camp victims; killings by ‘unofficial’ private groups; extrajudicial summary

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The Left: ‘Oh, We’re So Pretty . . . ’

Ah, the Left: they never cease to accuse you of the thing they are doing. This week, the Left’s “narrative” (the elite’s polite way of saying bulls---) is that President Trump is under increasing “pressure”, including from the debut of Michael Moore’s cinematic anti-Trump Philippic, the tumultuous Kavanagh hearings, and an anonymous “senior”

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Hollywood Lands on the Moon

Don’t let the sexist title fool you, “First Man” is one woke biopic about American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who is portrayed by Ryan Gosling, an admitted Canadian.But don’t take this Philistine’s word for it. Check out this rave by David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter:This is a strikingly intelligent treatment of a defining moment

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The British Invasion 2.0: Buttnik-mania!

Like Rock-n-Roll, this British invasion was sparked by Americans; adopted by the English; and imported back to our fair, unsuspecting shores. Now, comes the madness… Buttnik-mania! Yes, “Buttnik,” the orange, diaper clad, 20-foot-high “Trump Baby” balloon that took flight over London during the President Trump’s inaugural visit, is wafting across the pond to

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Free Speech: The Right to Be a Moron

For many, the most arduous aspect of supporting free speech is the principled requirement to defend disagreeable speech; moreover, the degree of difficulty in defending free speech increases in proportion to the detestable nature of the individual or entity uttering said offensive speech.Yet we must. For to infringe upon the free speech rights of

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Times to Turn the Other Cheek in the Culture War?

Some conservative commentators seem to be confused about the New York Times’ hiring this week of Sarah Jeong to sit on the newspaper’s editorial board. I’m thinking in particular of NeverTrumpers who opine that this hiring and others like it are perfectly acceptable because media outlets may hire whomever they please. When that

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The Rise and Fall of ‘Buttnik’

Given CNN’s breathless coverage, you’d think it was the launch of Sputnik. But, no, it was the launch of “Buttnik”—the orange, diaper-clad “Trump Baby” balloon that took flight over London during the president’s visit. On Friday morning the 20-foot-high (or six meters for metric fans) dread specter of Trump loathing wafted 98 feet

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