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The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

A Little Bit of Sole: Holy Relics of the Left’s Civil Religion

Writing not to espouse the Enlightenment but to attack it, French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau became the poisonous font of the intellectual cesspool that is modern “progressivism.” That Rousseau’s belief humanity must regress to its supposed uncorrupted “state of nature” forms the basis of “progressivism” is an irony lost upon the Left, largely

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Speaking Democrat: A Primer

I was minding my own business while pontificating about the present political clime and prognosticating about future congressional shenanigans on America’s Voice News when, without warning, I found myself stumbling through the past, darkly: specifically, I was subjected to a video clip of one of my own speeches, circa 2008. Inexplicably, the co-hosts,

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‘Fixin’ a Hole in the Ocean’: What a Divided Congress Means

As a result of the recent midterm election, next year’s Congress will be divided between a Democratic majority controlling the House and a Republican majority controlling the Senate. Naturally, the question arises whether the two chambers and President Trump can agree upon and accomplish anything. Though some observers remain optimistic about the prospects,

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Halloween and the Perils of Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation, the Cambridge Dictionary helpfully informs us, is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.” This, of course, should not be a problem in America, a constitutional republic imbued with the concept of pluralism—that

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Who Leaked on Rod? (Hint: No Friend of Trump’s)

Recent articles in the New York Times and Washington Post cite anonymous sources who, claiming familiarity with the incidents and/or former FBI official Andrew McCabe’s contemporaneous memos, allege that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire and advised others to record the president secretly; and to solicit support from cabinet

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