Articles by Thaddeus G. McCotter

Narrative Painting by Numbers

n this pandemic, we have multiple and daily reminders about why the corporate-leftist media ranks the lowest in the public’s esteem and confidence—hubris, ignorance, irresponsibility, duplicity, fearmongering, and an abject lack of self-awareness are but a few. For the press, this abysmal reality has been quantified statistically by a recent Gallup poll, wherein “only the […]

Can We Prepare America for the Next Pandemic?

ith every passing moment, nations are establishing precedents for how to contain and ultimately stop a global pandemic. Because the novel coronavirus apparently originated in Wuhan and was immediately covered up by the Chinese Communist Party, the health and welfare of the Chinese people and all other affected populations have suffered from this lethal malfeasance. […]

By News Alone?

hile attending CPAC last month as part of the John Batchelor Show’s panel, “Everything You Didn’t Know About Russia-gate But Were Afraid to Ask,” I had a chance to duck into the main room to catch part of a performance of “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers.” Produced by conservative filmmaker Phelim McAleer, the play revolves around the […]

Putin Endorses the Democratic Party Establishment

n the days before the tolerant Left wanted Republicans and populists re-educated and/or eradicated, a moderate Democratic friend of mine who held a deep-blue district was engaged in a hotly contested primary against a far-Left opponent. Empathizing, I said, “I know there’s nothing I can do, but . . . ” “There is,” she smiled. […]

Merry American Boxing Day!

Blame it on the nog, but I herewith propose we improve upon the British bank holiday of Boxing Day, which occurs every December 26. Of course, to do so, we must first undertake a cursory exploration of the genesis and gist of the Brits’ Boxing Day tradition. Helpfully, Elaine Lemm explains it in her article […]

The Democrats’ ‘Green Collar’ Code

In response to the regressive Left, let’s take a timely trek down the memory hole to note a rather important missing piece of their public policy puzzle which, as is their wont, they’ve proven unable to find. (Of course, I am in no way implying they’re trying.) Back in the summer of 2008, I took […]

Trapped by the Ghosts of Corrupt Administrations Past

It’s little wonder sane people have taken the Left’s messaging strategy regarding impeachment and the Justice Department inspector general’s new report as mere political inanity and mendacity. Government officials, past and present, who fear potential indictment for abuse of power for personal and partisan gain, their legal “experts” at Lawfare, their collusion media cohorts, and […]

The Democratic Party Isn’t

It’s high time American voters lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) against an entity with a sketchy history of bogus claims and broken promises: the Democratic Party. According to the BBB: Misleading advertising occurs when, in the promotion of a product or any business interest, a representation is made to the public […]

The Climate Cult’s ‘Grave New World’

As a proud debunker of the apocalyptic climate scam, it’s only natural that the climate cult has a plethora of biodegradable slings and arrows to hurl at my person. Among their most common claims is that I use “straw man” arguments to describe the climate cult’s destructive agenda. Yet, no sooner is this straw man […]

How Our Administrative State Aids Communist China

Racked with “Orange Man Bad” onanism, the Left and its collusion media remain enthralled with their on-Beltway show trial, “The Spy Who Leaked Me”—produced by Deep State-False Light Pictures; directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.); scripted by Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his committee staff in collaboration with a hearsay spouting “whistleblower.” As a […]

The Left’s Unholy Trinity of Ideologies

My late father rarely gave me advice, so when he did, I listened. One of those times was especially memorable and has always stuck with me. He advised me always to understand the roots and consequences of your own and others’ political views, so you can properly espouse or, if need be, oppose them. It […]