Articles by Steven W. Mosher

If Biden Wins, China Wins—and America Loses

he New York Times on Monday published a 3,100-word story headlined “Joe Biden’s China Journey.” The three reporters whose bylines appear on the article engage in a painfully obvious effort to explain away the former vice president’s long and cozy relationship with communist China. Now, at long last, they suggest, Biden is ready to get really tough […]

Donald Trump Is Weak on China? Come On, Man!

s a post-coronavirus America finally ready to take the China threat as seriously as the Trump administration does? As far as Wall Street financiers and K Street lobbyists are concerned, the answer is “probably not.” Major Wall Street firms that have made tens of millions of dollars in commissions by handling the IPOs of state-owned […]

China Must Release the Secret Records of the Wuhan Biolabs

he leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have a lot to answer for. Clearly, it was the CCP’s coverup and incompetence that first allowed the Wuhan virus to reach epidemic proportions in China, and then spread around the world. A congressional resolution authored by Representative Jim Banks (R-Ind.) condemns China for these misdeeds. It should […]

The U.S. Doesn’t Need China to Prosper

The latest numbers on U.S. economic growth are astonishingly good. The land of the free enjoyed 3.2 percent annual real GDP growth for the first quarter of 2019. It would have been even higher—3.5 percent—without the government shutdown. The numbers vindicate President Trump’s position on trade. The dealmaker-in-chief has been saying for decades that a […]

Here’s Why the Huawei Arrest Helps Negotiations with China

Wall Street is worried that the arrest of Huawei Vice Chairman Meng Wanzhou will put President Trump’s ongoing trade negotiations with China on ice. They fear that China may retreat from its G-20 promises, or perhaps even call off the negotiations altogether. Some have suggested that U.S. tech executives avoid traveling to China, fearing revenge […]

Trump Just Guaranteed Pelosi Will Be the Next Speaker

Wednesday morning, basking in the shade of the red wall he helped build to hold back the vaunted “blue wave,” President Trump tweeted: In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has […]