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Seth Leibsohn is a Contributing Editor to American Greatness and is the host of The Seth & Chris Show, heard nightly on 960am/KKNT in Phoenix. You can connect with Seth on Twitter: @SethLeibsohn

What’s Truly De·plor·a·ble

The "most qualified" candidate for president is briefed on bombings in New York and New Jersey and the best she can muster is: "I think it's always wiser to wait to until you have information for making conclusions, because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened," and, "Well I

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Remembering Rightly

  In the wake of the 15th anniversary commemorating the September 11 terrorist attacks, a few remaining thoughts: 1.  We used to lament the post-September 11 lack of unity.  It's true, shortly after September 11 Americans were more sober, patriotic, and united.  It's hard to pin where and when the wheels came off that cart. 

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The End of the Libertarian Party & The Johnson Flood

  I remember in 1980 when I first learned of the Libertarian Party.  The Clark/Koch ticket was actually interesting.  Unlikely, to be sure, but substantial and serious in intellectual heft.  Lately that party has steadily become less likely to win anything and far less substantial in any kind of heft.  The latest flap is of

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Trending: Bill Bennett Trumps The #NeverTrumps

The conservative movement and varied wings of the Republican party have always had their troubles with the trending and ultimate nominee—usually right up until the nomination. This year is different. Many conservative intellectuals and party regulars are still throwing their brickbats at him. And yet, the problems and complaints about the nominee seem much the

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On Culture, Communication & Cleveland

Watching a video on Facebook my good friend Sean Noble just put together explaining the basics of conventions to a younger or first-time convention watching audience, I couldn't help but think about earlier versions of explanations of our election systems and democratic processes, like those great old School House Rock videos.  The two platforms, together,

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