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Seth Leibsohn is a Contributing Editor to American Greatness and is the host of The Seth & Chris Show, heard nightly on 960am/KKNT in Phoenix. You can connect with Seth on Twitter: @SethLeibsohn

The Conservative Victory in the Trump Administration is Already Here

The exact shape of President-Elect Donald Trump's administration and cabinet is not yet fully formed or defined but of this there can be no doubt: Whatever its ultimate cast, it will be one of sharp right edges. It is not looking like the most rightward or conservative administration since Ronald Reagan; compared to his first term

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A Little Common Sense, A Little Patience

For years, conservatives tossed around the Richard Weaver phrase that "ideas have consequences."  Someone needs to write a book, Elections Have Consequences. Cue, now, the Theodore White story about Barry Goldwater actually running as Barry Goldwater. Surprise: The candidate who ran as a Republican and won is actually putting together a Republican administration. But, whether

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The Squandered Teachable Moment

One of the main challenges of producing or hosting a radio or television show is finding new or interesting things being said or written.  One of the main challenges of the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest is both the garbage that is published and the immense amounts of information disseminated.  Social media, with all

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The Most Under-Reported Story This Year

In this year of news and commentary saturation about the character flaws of the presidential candidates, scandals left and right, policing and race, healthcare, and almost everything else, America's overall state of foreign policy has mostly gone unnoticed, or at least under-reported. By and large, we are told, voters usually base their vote on pocketbook

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Trump’s Resilience & America’s

They've thrown the kitchen sink at him--whether it's the entirety of the Washington Post editorial page or the New York Times, whether it's CNN or MSNBC, whether it's the mainstream culture that sneers and smirks at those who support him, whether it's his tax returns, or his "hot mic" comments of yore.  The clear cultural

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The Main Purpose of Our Politics Right Now

To Democrats, we’re “deplorable.” To some on our own side, we’re “hacks.” Or, as a Twitter post said of some colleagues this morning: we are “literally raping conservatism” by supporting Donald Trump. We’ve all known these comments and worse over the past several months. But could it be, just possibly, that during the primaries some

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When A Lie Travels: Comparing Alcohol To Marijuana

This November, several states will vote on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and the proponents of legalization have seized on a seemingly clever argument: marijuana is safer than alcohol.  The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, an effort of the Marijuana Policy Project (or MPP), has taken this argument across the country.  Their

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