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Scott Morefield is a news and opinion columnist for BizPac Review and the editor of Raising Godly Children. In addition to his work on BPR, Scott's commentary can also be found on Breitbart, TheBlaze, and many other sites, including A Morefield Life, where he and his wife, Kim, share their marriage and parenting journey.

The Folly of Military Intervention Without Public Support

Whether he entirely meant them to be or not, the essential tenets of Donald Trump’s successful run for the presidency were the winning issues of securing our border, restricting immigration, promoting fair trade, and limited foreign intervention. They have become known among a certain class of core supporters as ‘Trumpism.’ Those of us

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‘Reality’ Show: How Obnoxious Trump Paved The Way for Genuine Truth-Telling

Today’s world offers two kinds of “reality”: political reality, or the reality polite society is allowed to consider, and observable reality, or what really, truly is. If Donald Trump has accomplished anything at all, he has managed to push the Overton Window to a place where the “elephants in the room”—observable realities—can at least be

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