Articles by Sam Agami

The Jig is Up for High Tax States

With tax reform finally on its way to President Trump’s desk, it’s safe to say that the Left is unlikely to let up on its misleading attacks on the nature of the plan and those who advocated it. The mischaracterizations are numerous. They amount mostly to a “fake narrative” that the bill benefits the wealthy […]

Self-Government Not Climate at Issue in Paris Agreement

It’s time for a serious discussion about what just happened with the Paris Climate agreement. President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. participation was not only a fulfillment of his campaign promise and utterly predictable, it was his clear legal prerogative to do it. The Paris agreement was not a treaty; it was not law. It […]

A New Hope: Trump is Han Solo, not Darth Vader

As we enter yet another day of unhinged, unsupported attacks on the president, it is a good time to take a moment to analyze where the motivations on both sides are. Those on the left, with their core of true believers in the legacy media, see themselves as fighting a heroic resistance battle. After all, […]

The Filibuster as the Bastard Child of Aaron Burr

Neil Gorsuch will be the next Justice to serve on the Supreme Court. This is no longer in doubt. The use of the filibuster to block the will of the majority of the Senate is dead. To some observers, this is a tragic commentary on our polarized politics. But the truth about the filibuster’s origin […]