Articles by Russell A. Berman

Rights, Religion, and Property

he State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights has issued a report on the rationale to pursue human rights as a primary goal for American foreign policy. Rights have a bipartisan pedigree. In our modern history, it was the Democrat Jimmy Carter who first defined human rights as a U.S. foreign policy mission. But Republican Ronald […]

Outcry Over Troop Reductions in Germany Ignores Necessary Foreign Policy Debate

eports that President Trump intends to reduce the number of U.S. troops stationed in Germany has elicited extensive protest. Influential editorials on the Right and the Left have rejected the move in dismissive tones, citing the supposed hypothetical impact on relations with Germany or the military competition with Russia. Such predictive approaches reflect the predisposition […]

Ibsen in Wuhan

reat works of literature from the past can provide opportunities to reflect on our circumstances in the present. With the Wuhan virus upon us, no work is better suited than Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 drama, An Enemy of the People, with its laser-sharp focus on the core questions of power and corruption, science, and mass deception. […]