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Robert Miller is an independent political consultant and strategist.

Make Education Patriotic Again

Now is that time of year when the seasons change, fall leaves become noticeable, and small talk is peppered with quips and opinions about politics. While most Americans only experience politicized conversation over pumpkin-spiced lattes during election years, it is a perennial occurrence on college campuses across the country. Now that summer has

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Dems: ‘Give in to Our Worldview or to Hell With You’

As Democrats indulge in another high-tech lynching of a Supreme Court nominee, it’s worth noting that the fight over Brett Kavanaugh isn’t really about who’s qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court. The controversy is the latest manifestation of the Left’s effort to reshape or destroy American institutions. Now rapidly morphing into

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How the GOP Could Be the Party of Responsible Tech

The veil separating Google’s inner workings from the outside world recently slipped again with revelations that the company discussed “tweaking” its search engine to help thwart the Trump Administration’s efforts to stem the flow of travelers into the United States from terrorism-prone countries. Adding to existing fears over the censorship of conservative ideas

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America Must Learn From China If It Wants to Beat China

In Xinhua’s September 3 coverage of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), Chinese President Xi Jinping sounded remarkably like a globalist. Self-conscious of China’s solidifying position as a major power, the Chinese premier ironically condemned “hegemony and power politics” while outlining transnational threats in his promotion of Beijing’s commitment

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