Articles by Ray McCoy

Bernie in the Shadow of the Red Rose

In 2015, having lost a disastrous election with Edward Miliband as its leader, the UK Labour Party was in total disarray and held a leadership election. To the surprise of everyone, the contest saw an aging backbench radical named Jeremy Corbyn win by a landslide over more polished and media savvy frontrunners Yvette Cooper, Andy […]

Democrats Blind and Babbling to Oblivion

Last week, a friend of mine gave me the perfect metaphor for explaining impeachment. An ancient Buddhist parable relates that six blind men were wandering through the wilderness and encountered an elephant. Since none of them had ever seen such a creature, they each described it based on the part that they could feel. So […]

The Ministry of Humor Is Not Amused

Within the span of a week, a Netflix comedy special had the distinction of becoming the greatest threat to society since the Plague of Justinian ripped through Constantinople in the 7th century threatening to end civilization as we know it. It has climbed above the Hong Kong protests, another Ebola outbreak in the Congo, and […]