Jeepers Veepers!

As Joe Biden emerges the Democrats’ likely nominee, the focus inevitably will shift to who will be his running mate and heir apparent. But why on earth should it be Kamala Harris?

The Coming American Autumn?

After years of tolerating insurgent radicals and promoting them in their ranks, the Democrats have pumped the brakes hard on the left-wing of their party by uniting to stop Bernie Sanders. It won’t be enough to avoid the violent reaction of his most radical supporters.

Fake Radical Bernie Sanders Colludes with DNC and Establishment

The Vermont socialist had the chance to take a stand for his innocent supporters, defusing tensions with a nuclear power and curbing the abuses of the deep state and justice system along the way. In each case, he chose to go along to get along. That is definitely consistent—consistently treacherous.

Sellouts for the Prada Politburo

While American collectivists have the legal right to attack free enterprise under the First Amendment, there is no moral or legal imperative to give them the space to publish their pseudo-economics everywhere. Why are business journals and corporate media so willing to do it?

Red Rube Redemption

After years of posturing about how their role is to inform the public, a rare moment of candor revealed the true soul of media elites.

Feel the Purge . . . er, Bern

The statements captured by Project Veritas do not damn Bernie Sanders. But they are an accurate snapshot of a significant portion of this following.

The Green Army Now Marches with Uncle Bernie

The endorsement of the green activist movement Sunrise will boost Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary, but will sink the November ticket if he’s the nominee.

The Comfortable Trap
of a Good Law

Too often, American Jews are looking to the federal government to do the job that we’ve failed to do—protect ourselves and assert our rights. It will prove to be a grievous mistake.

Bernie in the Shadow of the Red Rose

Much of the focus of this Thursday’s snap general election in Great Britain will be on the future of Brexit. But if Labour performs poorly, it could send shock waves through the Democratic Party in the United States.