Nationalism Won the British Election and It Will Win Again Here

 In America, the Democratic Party is following the path of Corbyn’s Labour Party in its support of open borders and opposition to any immigration enforcement. Trump’s 2020 campaign message is not as clear as it was in 2016, but that same platform is still as popular as it was when it won Trump the presidency.

Fiona Hill’s Un-American Idea of America

Hill sees America only as an idea that she and other elites represent. “America First” is not American, in her book, because it’s exclusionary and imagines America may have interests that diverge from the globalist consensus.

Canceling the Joker

The truth is the critics just don’t want the Joker to be a disenfranchised white guy. If the villain was a woman or belonged to a racial minority, the film would be celebrated.

It’s Not Just Google—Microsoft Is Also Up To No Good In China

Microsoft has partnered with several Chinese universities to create an open AI platform and several of its employees train government bureaucrats on how to use its advanced technology. These universities are well-connected to the Chinese military, which effectively makes the U.S. tech giant a collaborator.