The (Spanish) Republican Project

The new “republican” regime rejected the policy of consensus and instead pursued a radical reform project that for some went too far, and for others didn’t go far enough. War followed.

Teasing the Tiger

The state is coming after your children and politeness, fairness, and compromise are all demanded of you, but not of them. Is the American conservative tiger made of paper? Or is it real? Spain’s history in the 20th century offers a vital lesson.

Espresso Populism

Matteo Salvini is destined to become Italy’s next prime minister. Barring a black swan event, this will happen as the collective psychology wills it in much the same manner that Trump and Boris Johnson also both lead their respective countries.

Gelato Populism: The Rise of Matteo Salvini

Having shown that a hardline stance against migrants can be implemented quickly and successfully and having won Italians over to the idea of a Europe of sovereign nations, the leader of Italy's Lega Party has positioned himself to complete the task of “making Italians” that began a century and a half ago.