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Nathan Pinkoski is a DPhil student in Political Theory at the University of Oxford.

Syria Strike Brings Back Lost Paradigm of Proportional Response

In the unleashing of media passions following President Trump’s strike on Syria, there were few surprises. Political pundits of the left and right who have never had a kind word to say about Trump suddenly oozed approval, offering a staggering confirmation of the power of the bipartisan war party. By contrast, those pundits

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After Vesuvius: A Response to Decius

Politically, I must congratulate Decius on his victory. Philosophically, I must thank Decius for his irony. In his graceful reply to me, he dissimulated his own superiority for the sake of his inferior. He took the time to educate one lesser in wisdom, a mere student, a weaker writer, and a foreigner at that. Evidently

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