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Nathan Field is an Arabic speaker who spent six years in the Middle East in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, spent two years in Saudi Arabia as part of the management team for a $1 billion engineering project, and five years building and then selling a translation company called Industry Arabic. Follow him on Twitter at @nathanrfield1 and read additional commentary on Middle East security issues at www.nathan-field.com.

How Trump’s “America First” Will Improve Middle East Relations

President Trump’s speech last Tuesday before a joint session of Congress did not go into great depth on foreign affairs. However, it did offer several key statements about the meaning and intent of his “America First” approach to foreign policy. One of the most important statements was only a few lines, but it was also

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Applying ‘America First’ in the Middle East

President Trump’s “America First” principle is an opportunity for the United States to adopt a more productive approach to engagement with nations in the Middle East. Here are three ways the Trump Administration could get better results, without creating unnecessary new problems, thus allowing the president to stay focused on his vital domestic agenda. 2003

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