Articles by Mitchell Gunter

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum, But Allows Rape Content

n June 29, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman banned the nearly 800,000 strong, pro-President Trump forum, “r/The_Donald” and a variety of other communities, citing an update to Reddit’s content policy “to explicitly address hate.” Meanwhile, the internet platform continues to host a variety of forums, or “subreddits,” specifically devoted to glorifying rape and the degradation of […]

How ‘Secret Obsession’ Exposes California’s Dumb Gun Laws

When Netflix’s bland new psychological thriller “Secret Obsession” was released last week, I never expected keen political insights, let alone a unique cinematic twist. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead.) Under closer scrutiny, however, the film solidifies the need for individual rights, and presents a damning picture of California’s unconstitutional gun laws. Much like a generic Lifetime […]