Articles by M. Stopa

COVID-19 in the U.S.: Who is to Blame? Who is Paying the Price?

n an appearance on MSNBC in March, Washington Post columnist and obsessed NeverTrumper Jennifer Rubin asserted (more in sorrow than in anger) that more Republicans than Democrats would die from the novel coronavirus because of the unscientific policies (no social distancing, no masks, etc.) of Republican governors and other local officials who were being led, […]

Bring on the Trump-Kanye Debates!

iven the synergy, shall we say, between the legacy media and the Democratic Party, the idea that the pundit voices all clamoring to derail the debates between Joe Biden and President Trump are somehow doing so in opposition to the closely held wishes of the Biden campaign is difficult to believe. Explaining why Biden ducking […]

Hostage Exchange: Merrick Garland for the Forgotten People?

President Donald Trump had not even begun his address on Saturday outlining a government-opening deal to extend DACA protection to the so-called “Dreamers” in exchange for $5.7 billion in wall funding before prominent Democrats rejected the deal. The brevity of the Saturday negotiations highlighted two facts: first, neither side really much cares whether the government […]

The GOP Foreign Policy Establishment is Getting Schooled

If you asked the leading foreign policy experts in the Republican Party—those great minds who have dedicated their lives to the history, the economics, the abstract game theory of human conflict—what has been the most vexing and potentially catastrophic threat to humanity and civilization over the last 15 years, you would find a considerable number […]