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Mike Sabo is a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate of the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College.

The Curious Case of Ben Sasse

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has become something of a lightning rod on the Right. Many movement conservatives are drawn to his erudite and scholarly manner and see him as a principled statesman in contrast to Donald Trump who, they argue—and quite rightly I might add—has abandoned what has come to be called

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Is Trump’s Embrace of Andrew Jackson a Problem?

The arrival of a column by National Review founder William F. Buckley was almost always of some intellectual and literary significance. With his high command of the English language, Buckley would explore a vexing question of public policy or pillory an unsuspecting political opponent. He often made quick work of arguments that were

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Is Rush Limbaugh Right About the Declaration of Independence?

Rush Limbaugh has always had a keen talent for rooting out liberal assumptions. A gadfly to the ruling class, the broadcasting powerhouse has the unique (and almost philosophic) talent of angering the Beltway literati while at the same time edifying his audience. On his radio show last week, Limbaugh sensed he had happened

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The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Ridiculous ‘100 Days’ Report

The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again. At the hundred-day mark of President Trump’s administration, the center has released a report that purports to expose the rampant “white nationalism” the president and his “alt-right” advisors have unleashed upon the nation. Instead of judging President Trump’s actual record, the report rehashes left-wing

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A Return to Government by Consent: A Response to James Rogers

At the Liberty Law Blog, Professor James R. Rogers makes a sweeping claim that Americans no longer believe in the principle of consent ensconced in the Declaration of Independence. While “Americans at the Founding took seriously the idea that their consent could be conferred by their representatives,” Americans today do not. On both left and

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The Southern Poverty Law Center Is a Hate Group

The hilariously misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center is a non-profit group that purports to fight “hate and bigotry” and to seek “justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.” Though it makes the most of the goodwill and reputation earned in the 1960s, today they exist mainly to spread hatred, incite violence, and grow

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A Nation Under Lawyers

We have become a nation of humorless aspiring lawyers. The bureaucratization of the American regime has affected the American soul in ways large and small—right down to how we think and act in the world around us. Reams of regulations control our everyday lives, from the type of light bulbs we use to the number

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The Republican Surrender Caucus Returns

Over the weekend, Americans were again reminded that the default position of Republican “leaders” in Congress is to preach about the evils of unlimited government but to work at every turn to undermine anyone who actually stands up to do something about it. This reality became apparent when GOP senators issued swift denunciations of President

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John Piper’s Unmanly Contempt for Politics

John Piper's notion of politics would sacrifice our country on the altar of perfect morality. What is it with elite Evangelicals and their inability, or unwillingness, to understand politics? Russell Moore deemed the tens of millions of Evangelicals who supported Trump “racists” and people who love fame and money more than Jesus. Not to

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