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Michael Finch is the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles. He is the author of Finding Home.

Fever Dreams of Trump’s Fall

Can one man stem the tide when so many around him fall away? The forces gathered around President Trump are immense and seemingly driven by ill intent. The lust for power is all consuming—’twas ever thus in Washington, D.C. But as we approach November, so much hangs by a fraying thread. The Democrats

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Coming to Some Reality on Crimea

As President Trump sits down for his first one on one meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, some history and perspective are in order. Trump and Putin will find plenty of common ground, most significantly in fighting Jihadism and global terrorism. And while there is room for movement on the difficult issues

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An American Awakening

What a fascinating and momentous time we live in—a time that may well be remembered as an awakening of our great nation. President Trump, the catalyst, has changed the debate in this country on seemingly everything from identity politics and immigration to trade and foreign policy. Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally

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