Articles by Marjorie Jeffrey

Crisis of the White House Divided

In the first 100 days of the Trump administration, we have learned some important lessons about what it takes to be considered “presidential” by the establishment news media (both liberal and conservative), Hillary Clinton, the leadership of both the GOP and the Democratic Party, and NeverTrump conservatives. While possibly alienating much of his base, Trump […]

Washington’s Bill of Wrongs

Nearly a year ago, National Review writer Kevin Williamson infamously declared that white, working class communities “deserve to die.” While the charge reverberated and appalled most who read it—particularly the white Trump supporters at which it was aimed—Williamson did not lose his job. He was praised and defended, and still writes for NRO. Last week, […]

What I Saw at the 44th March for Life

Contrary to what you may have heard, Donald Trump was at the March for Life. Let me explain. I’ve been to a few Marches for Life before, and they’re always filled with a joy and energy that is difficult to convey unless you’ve seen it firsthand. But this year felt different; I thought it was […]

Twitter Backs the Black Bloc: Why That May Be Bad News for Free Speech

A legal confrontation has been a long time coming. WeSearchr, a crowd-funded journalism company founded by Chuck Johnson, was suspended from Twitter this week after posting a bounty for information on the masked assailant who sucker punched Alt-Right activist Richard Spencer in the face on camera, and then ran off. The other bounty they posted […]