Articles by Kyle Shideler

Former CIA Officer: Terrorists Will Learn From COVID And So Must We

uring the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the media warned breathlessly of “chatter” that terrorists—domestic and international—were planning to exploit and spread the virus. So far no such plots have developed, but a former CIA officer warns that the lessons terrorists have learned from the inept and politicized response to the pandemic, if exploited, […]

When America’s Cyberwarfare Capabilities Are Used Against Us

hadowy American military and intelligence contractors going rogue—using sophisticated spying technologies and techniques honed over years of government service for personal gain—is the stuff of James Bond films. What stops those with these crucial national security skills from selling them to the highest bidder, providing foreign states these capabilities, and even targeting Americans? That nightmare […]

The Hubbub About ‘The Boogaloo’ Is the Worst Kind of Fake News

s self-described Marxists and anarchists rampage through American cities, threaten lives, destroy historic monuments, burn churches, and terrorize the public, the Department of Homeland Security’s crack analysts have emphasized the real threat: Hawaiian shirts and cartoon frogs. Politico reports that the National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium (NTIC), a DHS Fusion Center for Washington D.C. […]

Why the Russian Obsession at State?

he U.S. State Department has just designated an obscure Russian nationalist group known as the Russian Imperial Movement as a terrorist organization. This same bureaucracy has stubbornly refused to so designate the granddaddy of international jihad—the Muslim Brotherhood—despite repeated congressional pressure. Those not familiar with the Russian Imperial Movement will be forgiven their ignorance, since […]

Calling Out Anti-Semitism Isn’t ‘Islamophobic’

Virginia State Delegate Ibraheem Samirah is the poster child for a new crop of Democratic politicians. He’s young, charismatic, and very progressive, with a history of activism that began in his student days on the campuses of Boston University and American University. Samirah has spent his brief time as a Virginia delegate hawking a “Green […]