Articles by Krystina Skurk

California’s Ill-Conceived Forest Fire Prevention Shortcut

nstead of improving land and forest management, California is using a wildfire prevention shortcut, sporadically shutting down electrical lines during dry and windy weather. According to a study published in April by the Manhattan Institute, this strategy is costing the California economy millions.  In 2017 and 2018, California experienced several mega-catastrophe wildfires. This included the […]

Hillary on Hulu

fter two failed presidential runs, many Americans might expect Hillary Clinton to fade gracefully into the background, her political life now history. With her recent public endorsement of Joe Biden and the release of a highly glamorized documentary series, however, Hillary is trying to claw her way back into the limelight. For what ends, we […]

A New American Civics Portal

he Real Clear Foundation has launched a new American civics education portal, dedicated to renewing civic education in the United States. If one good thing has come out of this season of quarantine, it’s that parents, forced to homeschool, are getting to see the unpatriotic and liberal curriculum public schools are teaching. In a recent […]