Articles by Kevin Portteus

What Is the Coronavirus Endgame?

n the full course of human history, man has eradicated exactly two infectious diseases: smallpox and rinderpest. Smallpox was the continual scourge of mankind for millennia. Rinderpest, a disease of even-toed ungulates, devastated cattle herds in Europe, Asia, and Africa, with death rates nearing 100 percent among animals lacking acquired resistance. It is also believed […]

The Walls Really are Closing In . . . On the Elite

Whenever the Left makes a characterization of the Right, it’s safe to be that it’s probably projection. “Projection” is when someone attempts to mask one’s own negative attributes or characteristics by attributing them to others. Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, but the Left—from Hollywood to Jeffrey Epstein to drag queen story […]