Articles by Karl Spence

What Is Racist?

The English language has its peculiarities. Two English words that appear to be opposites to one another can instead be synonyms. If someone is telling you something you don’t want to hear, you may find his “blunt” and his “pointed” comments equally galling. Conversely, a single word can have two opposite meanings. “Sensitive,” for example. […]

Of Kelo, Originalism, and the 14th Amendment

Among conservatives, just about everyone hopes to see Brett Kavanaugh join Neil Gorsuch on the United States Supreme Court. And we all have our little lists of activist precedents that never would be missed, should they ever come up for review before a thoroughly originalist court. Some think big: Nothing less than Roe v. Wade […]

Putting Crime—and the Left—on Ice

A young man is thrown into a jail cell full of haggard prisoners. They are sitting on benches around a central bucket that serves as their latrine. Silently, they indicate to him the rules of the house: Everyone sits still with his mouth shut, looking toward the cell door. Every now and then, a guard […]

Twin Beds? What Twin Beds?

When choreographer Agnes DeMille was interviewed for a documentary about her famous uncle Cecil B., she had a wonderful story to tell about the “Hays Office,” the body charged with enforcing Hollywood’s Motion Picture Production Code. She had been hired by her uncle to provide a bit of pagan titillation for DeMille’s production of “Cleopatra.” […]

The Times, They Are A-Changing

A young woman buttonholes a musician with whom she’s recently had a one-night stand—“a stupid experiment,” as she later calls it. She has to remind the young man who she is, because he can’t even remember her name. Then she tells him: “I’m going to have a baby.” As she stares into his eyes, his […]

Guns Banned: Women and Minorities Suffer Most

An old joke tells how various newspapers would report the end of the world. The New York Times says: “World ends: Story and analysis on page B11.” The Wall Street Journal’s version: “World ends: Markets take a beating.” USA Today runs with: “World ends: Full-color pullout, state-by-state highlights inside.” And the Washington Post? “World ends: […]

More American Carnage

It’s too soon to comment in any detail about what happened at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival Sunday night in Las Vegas. There’s too much we don’t yet know, and too much of what has already been reported doesn’t add up. But it’s clear that what President Trump has called “American carnage” is […]