Articles by Julie Kelly

A Great Week for the President and a NeverTrump Crack-up

This week has been a vindication for much-maligned Trump supporters. Not only did the president have the best week of his administration, an internecine feud erupted within the “NeverTrump” tribe. First, the great week. The president fulfilled a key campaign promise with his signing this morning of the tax reform bill that also eliminated Obamacare’s […]

No, the Trump Administration Didn’t ‘Ban’ 7 Words at the CDC

Heads exploded over the weekend in response to a Washington Post article that claimed the Centers for Disease Control would “ban” seven words in all future budget documents submitted to Congress. The article’s inflammatory headline, “CDC gets list of forbidden words: Fetus, transgender, diversity,” set the tone for an egregiously poor example of journalism, even […]

Washington Post: Where Conservatism Dies in Bitterness

The Washington Post might want to roll out a new motto in 2018. Instead of “Democracy Dies in Darkness” perhaps the paper should try, “Conservatism Dies in Bitterness.” Since Donald Trump’s election, the Post has become an asylum—er, home—for conservative sore-losers who cannot get over the fact that Trump won the presidency over their erudite […]

Sarah Sanders is Above the Shame Game

Mika is mad. Mika Brzezinski, otherwise known as the future Mrs. Joe Scarborough, went ballistic Tuesday on her MSNBC morning show over comments by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who had responded to reporters’ questions about President Trump’s “Pocahontas” jibe the day before. “What’s wrong with her? How can she do that job?” […]

“Moore” is Yet to Come in 2018

The last thing the world needs is another opinion on the Roy Moore scandal, so I will spare you my revelatory and game-changing lowdown on the whole thing. I will, however, say this: If you think this is bad, just wait until 2018. By this time next year, the Moore story will seem like one […]

NeverTrump Makes a Left Turn

National Review in February 2016 published “Against Trump,” a special issue that made a reasoned case for why conservatives should oppose Donald Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate for president. Nearly two-dozen conservative writers and influencers weighed in; most of them cogently—and correctly—explained that Trump was not a “true conservative.” He had supported progressive causes […]

Punching Back After a Year of Insults

One year ago, I did something I never thought I would ever do: I voted to elect Donald Trump the next president of the United States. I remember staring in disbelief at the ballot on the screen, stifling a rueful laugh that these were actually my only choices. I did not vote for Trump in […]

The NeverTrump Nerds’ Quest to Save Mueller

The shrewd, erudite club of NeverTrump “conservatives” has finally hatched a plan to reclaim the Republican Party from Donald Trump and win the hearts and minds of Republicans across the country. Yes, this wily gang—who named themselves “Meeting of the Concerned” because it sounds better than “Republican AV Club of Geeks and Losers”—launched their first […]

Obama’s Shady Trump-Russia Spinmeister

An explosive story by Sean Davis at The Federalist reveals that President Obama’s PAC, Obama for America, paid nearly $1 million in 2016 to the law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the consulting group responsible for the infamous Trump “dossier.” According to Davis, Federal Election Commission records show the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, […]

Scandals Expose Empty Barrel NeverTrumpers

We are days away from the first trickle of columns and commentary on the one-year anniversary of the most shocking and disruptive presidential election in recent American history. Personally, I can’t wait for the renewed tears from Hillary Clinton voters and the media (but I repeat myself) as they recount the night Donald Trump was […]

How the Administrative State Serves Clients and Hurts Citizens: The Case of the Non-Organic, Organic Food

The late economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman used to say that only in government, when a program or project fails dismally, the instinctive response is to make it bigger. This is especially the case in a modern Administrative State like the one we have in America today where a program alleged to serve the […]

Put Up or Shut Up: Bill Kristol in 2018

In 1994, I ran for precinct committeeman in DuPage County, Illinois. At the time, it was one of the strongest Republican counties in the nation. I handed out my petitions, knocked on doors, made up little flyers, and phoned voters to ask for their support. I eked out a small victory over my opponents (two […]

The Nominees for Best Hypocrite in a Documentary Are…

Hollywood’s favorite plotline is when the little guy (or girl) triumphs over the powerful. Whether it’s a curious secretary, an intrepid reporter, or a low-level government bureaucrat, Hollywood has made gazillions of dollars selling a narrative that anyone can take down the evil rich guy, his abettors, and the entire power structure around him. Well, […]

Hey, Lefties: Where Are Your Pussyhats Now?

Today is the one-year anniversary of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. (I know. It feels more like 10 years ago.) For days, Americans were subjected to an ongoing audio loop of a private conversation in 2005 between Donald Trump and the show’s co-host, Billy Bush. I don’t need to remind you what Trump said because […]

Womansplaining the Women’s Vote

I have always liked Michelle Obama. I admire her personal story and respect how she conducted herself as our First Lady. I find her smarter, more authentic, and more good-humored than her husband. Although I strongly disagreed with her school lunch program and wrote about it extensively, I always prefaced my criticism by saying she […]

More Unsettled Science on Climate Change

Call it another dispute about the “settled science” of climate change. According to a report published in Nature Geosciences last week, we have more time than we thought to stop the predicted meltdown of the planet. Not only are climate models way off—“running hot” by overestimating temperature increases—but the warming we were supposed to experience […]

She’s Had Her Close Up—We’ve Had Enough

If the nation weren’t already in a foul political mood, it would still be a special kind of hell to have to suffer through the Bitter Betty Book Tour. But the two things combined together is just so 2017. If you haven’t noticed, Hillary Clinton is making the rounds to promote her political alibi, What […]

Weathering the Punches

As the nation continues to debate the critical, constitutional question of who can be punched and who cannot be punched (I vote for permitting the punching of slow drivers in the left lane and anyone who drinks Riesling), it appears the “peaceful” Left has a much more expansive list of acceptable human-punching bags. Liberals encourage […]

Climate Cult Exploits Harvey

Shortly before Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, meteorologist and climate writer Eric Holthaus unleashed a Twitter torrent confessing his depression about the new president. Holthaus admitted he was seeing a counselor due to his “climate despair” and whimpered that it was difficult to work or do much of anything. “We don’t deserve this planet,” Holthaus […]

Trump Pumps are the Envy of Frumps

Standing at almost 5’10” in my stocking feet, I’ve never been much for wearing high heels. I feel freakishly tall in them, but that’s never stopped me from envying women who can pull off towering pumps and sandals—particularly the sexy, spiky kind—because it is much harder than it looks. Gracefully navigating sidewalks, stairs, and dance […]