Time To Reassess CrowdStrike’s Credibility

Trump foes dismiss any scrutiny of CrowdStrike as part of a “conspiracy theory.” But the tangled web between CrowdStrike, Democratic operatives, the Trump-hating media and the Obama Justice Department isn’t a theory, it is fact.

The Anesthetic Effect of Ukrainegate

There’s a good chance the manufactured scandal already has softened Barr’s expected body blow to the Russiagate culprits by setting up a false equivalence. Justice might finally be served, but a weary American public might not care.

‘Ukraine-Gate’ Is About the Russian Hack That Wasn’t

President Trump asked the Ukrainian president about CrowdStrike, the politically connected cybersecurity firm that investigated the alleged Russian "hack" of the Democratic National Committee's email server. Here's why that matters—and why it should not be ignored.

Only the Press Could Get Away With This

This week, a federal judge ruled in favor of Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem, saying his “constitutional interests . . . outweigh the White House’s interest in maintaining order.” Score another victory for the anti-Trump thugs and bullies.