Third-Eye Justice at the FBI

Justice, we are told, is blind. Our top law enforcement officials repeatedly remind us of their integrity and their heroism; the men and women of […]

After the Coup is Gone

As the perpetrators of one of the most shameful scandals in American political history begin slowly to retreat, we are left to ponder one overarching […]

The Indecent Inquisitors

The first contest of the 2020 primary season is one year away and the Democratic Party’s agenda now is coming into sharp focus: An income […]

The PMS Caucus

In a gracious move at his State of the Union address, President Trump gave a shout-out to the historic number of women serving in Congress […]

Against Trump: Three Years Later

Three years ago this month, National Review published its controversial and now infamous entreaty, “Against Trump.” The issue was singularly devoted to making a case […]

Schiff for Brains Misleads Congress

It’s a good thing President Trump canceled the Democrats’ overseas excursion this weekend because Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has some work to do here at […]

The Steele Dossier: Two Years On

Two years ago today, the “dossier” was officially introduced to the American public. Although its author and his handlers had been circulating the document within Washington, […]

AOC: Shadow Speaker

To get a sense of how powerful freshman Congressmember (her preferred title) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, just look at her effect on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. […]