NeverTrump Burns Leftist Cash on Failed Impeachment Crusade

It’s only a matter of time before more left-wing largess flows Bill Kristol’s way and he’s running ads on Fox News trying—unsuccessfully—to convince Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders. It will be NeverTrump’s inevitable, and humiliating, endgame.

A Week of Political Karma for the Democrats

President Trump now stands acquitted. The Democrats must confront the debacle that is their presidential primary field and run on a nonexistent record of achievement as the 2020 campaign season kicks off. Karma, indeed, is a bitch.

Joe Biden: Ukraine and Burisma’s Sugar Daddy

No one has challenged the former vice president to account for the billions in U.S. tax dollars he pumped into Ukraine for his own personal and political gain. How did Biden’s involvement gild his largely disastrous foreign policy legacy before his latest run for president?

It’s Time to Question Michael Atkinson on FISA Abuses

Now that the Justice Department and the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court have confirmed at least two of the warrants for Carter Page were unlawfully obtained, it is time to ask Atkinson—in the open, for all to hear—what role he had in helping to orchestrate the illicit spying on the Trump campaign.

Afghanistan Is Joe Biden’s War

It’s easy for the Democratic frontrunner to claim now that he would order troops home if he’s elected president. But first, the former vice president needs to account for the disaster that he and Barack Obama left for Donald Trump to clean up.

Mendacity, Hubris, and the Tragedy of Afghanistan

The very same collection of intelligence, national security, military, diplomatic, and political experts rubbing their hands in eager anticipation of Trump’s ouster is responsible for mismanaging our longest war, a debacle that continues to cost American lives.

Reasons to Be Wary of War Rhetoric

It’s imperative that the president knows his leash is short. The neoconservatives that have compounded the mess in the Middle East have torched their credibility and their usefulness. We won’t be fooled again.