The Steele Dossier: Two Years On

Two years ago today, the “dossier” was officially introduced to the American public. Although its author and his handlers had been circulating the document within Washington, […]

AOC: Shadow Speaker

To get a sense of how powerful freshman Congressmember (her preferred title) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, just look at her effect on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. […]

The Beauty of Bre Payton

It would have been easy to resent Bre Payton. Blessed with rare natural beauty—she was even more stunning in person than she was in photos […]

Normal Americans Get Militant

Kurt Schlichter is funny. Really funny. Unlike so many commentators on the Right—especially those staid NeverTrump harpies—Schlichter has a wry, cutting sense of humor that […]

James and the Giant Impeachment

For those concerned that former FBI Director James Comey is suffering from early dementia, have no fear: His memory returned with a vengeance during a […]

The Incorrigible Mr. Comey

As I wrote last week, the Republican Congress largely has failed to hold accountable the masterminds behind the biggest political scandal in U.S. history: The […]