Articles by Judah Friedman

Twenty (Uncomfortable) Questions

hen I was a lad, we sometimes played a game called “20 questions.” I’m not sure if the game still exists—the generation coming of age seems far from inquisitive, and I’m being charitable.  But we’re going to play a hybrid version of that game anyway. Here are 20 questions and propositions you might discuss with […]

A Jewish Conservative Rant

irst off to prequalify, since we live in the Age of Prequalification: ‘’m Jewish, I’m a conservative, I am sober, and I suffer from alopecia. So, I’m all about intersectionality, and if you disagree with what I say you are a stone-cold anti-Semite. How come those who want to raise taxes never pay more? The […]

No Joy in Democratsville

t must be happy and fun waking up as a Democrat every day. I used to separate Democrats from the Left, but nowadays it’s clear that essentially they are one and the same. George Orwell predicted it, William Golding brought us the cast, and Frank Darabont has so eloquently written the storyline. I can’t think […]

When TV and Film Still Had Heart

here is a real darkness in our country and, no, it isn’t the president’s fault. He has simply amplified a hidden sentiment that has been masked for a long time. This goes for all forms of media, but specifically, it applies to movies, television, and obviously the news. I’d include music, but I have zero […]

What Don’t We Already Inject?

et’s say, for argument’s sake, that President Trump was being serious when he asked if there was any way to “inject disinfectant” into one’s body, in order to knock out the Chinese coronavirus. First, if you’re stupid enough to try it, maybe you deserve what’s coming. Second, did I miss the memo on most Americans […]

A Letter to an Ailing Friend

t’s hard to write a story about someone else without injecting yourself into the story. But I feel compelled to write about this: for my mother, for those alone in the hot zones, in hospitals scared to death, and to those who are close to death. For the candy man in a New York City […]

Watch What You Say, Or You Might Get Cohen’ed

Roads that were once less traveled are quickly becoming major thoroughfares. If you as a person, a human being, and an American are OK with someone’s lawyer secretly recording his conversations and then having a “credible world media source” release those recordings, then shame on you. Forget about the fact that Donald Trump and Michael […]

Our Preening Pop Culture Hypocrites

It was the greatest decade in American pop culture history; from new wave to hair metal; from gritty TV to family TV; from Manic Monday to Black Monday; and from Live Aid to dead “Aid”; from John Hughes and the Brat pack—to the epidemic of crack. Magic and Bird. Spielberg and Stone. It was the decade […]