Articles by Jonna Z. Bianco

To Keep the Senate Majority, GOP Needs to Hold China Accountable

ore than 190,000 Americans are dead today. Our economy has been ravaged, forcing the federal government to commit to a multitrillion stimulus infusion that will burden our younger generations for decades. While recovery is underway, the broader cultural ramifications of the Chinese Communist Party virus are still far beyond comprehension. The single silver lining of […]

Don’t Count on Biden To Collect China’s Debt to the United States

ost Americans vividly recall Barack Obama’s expansive, unsolicited apology tour throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America on behalf of the United States.  Having barely assumed his responsibilities as commander-in-chief, Obama’s flagrant equivocations on American greatness were embarrassing at best and treasonous at worst. His prostrations had a long-lasting impact on America’s positioning on the world […]