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J.B. White is a semi-retired resident of Tallahassee, Florida, and currently serves on the board of CREOLE, Inc., a nonprofit corporation engaged in an agri-business development strategy in northern Haiti. A native Floridian from Jacksonville and U.S. Army veteran, he holds degrees from the University of Florida (Political Science) and Florida State (Juris Doctor). @RattlerGator is his online presence on Twitter.

The Bottom Bitches

With perhaps the greatest scandal in American history unfolding before us in real time, it was impossible initially for Americans to take seriously the jaw-dropping audacity of it all. No longer. The reason, in part, is that the nation was treated last week to the opening scene in what promises to be quite the

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The OODA Loop President

©2015/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC Back in December of 2015, Dan McLaughlin wrote an excellent piece in The Federalist on the then-upcoming Republican primary race. It offers quite the window into the political decision making of Donald J. Trump. In it he accurately outlines Trump as the candidate employing the Observe, Orient, Decide,

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Trump Has Broken the Apology Hypnosis on Race

He broke me,” Kathy Griffin famously said of our 45th President as she gazed, narcissistically, upon her self-inflicted wounds after incomprehensibly and symbolically decapitating the man Politico once called an outsider and an outer-borough brawler. Many Americans of the conservative persuasion have been waiting for a brawler who would fight the good fight

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