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Ethnocidal ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Upon Us Like White On Rice

ritical race theory is the “remedial” lens through which America’s race reality is refracted. Look hard enough and the need for this unintelligent theoretical concoction becomes abundantly clear: It’s on the playground and in the classroom. Watch for the bossy white kids. It’s in businesses and boardrooms, where microaggressions tumble from the mouths of their […]

Kyle Goes to Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born

aving done an about face against rioting, CNN’s sanctimonious Don Lemon giggled and smirked his way through a segment about “racist” white suburbanites who had the gall to imagine any self-respecting rioter would bother with their ugly abodes. Hey, racists, there is no Gucci merchandise where you bunk down, taunted CNN’s silly man. Desperate, suddenly, […]

‘Systemic Racism’ or Systemic Rubbish?

he “systemic racism” refrain is a meaningless abstraction. Operationalize the nebulous abstraction that is “systemic racism,” or get out of my face! To concretize a variable, it must be cast in empirical, measurable terms—the opaque “racism” abstraction being one variable (to use statistical nomenclature). Until you have meticulously applied research methodology to statistically operationalize this […]

A ‘Victims of Communism Day’ Is Long Overdue

he fact that socialists and Communists are still voted into power with swagger; the fact that this creed’s savage foot soldiers—Black Lives Matter and Antifa—are cast as pacifists, seekers of equity and justice demonstrates that Communists, despite their murderous past, “belong to the camp of democratic progress” in the eyes of the world whereas the […]

That Kiss!

here’s a reason this Canadian expatriate has been missing Canada of late. In particular, I miss the everyday normality of its local CTV News. Often apolitical, Canadians are always less eager to feature the caterwauling of politicians than to cover the joys of a cat rescue. Or a kiss. How natural, then, that a CTV […]

Scenes From The Sacking of America

n June 9, I tweeted out the following: Seattle’s East Precinct has fallen, as Chief #CarmenBest orders #SeattlePolice to evacuate. The occupiers, aka #PeacefulProtesters,” declare victory. “They’ve given us the precinct,” they boast. NOT EVEN IN #SouthAfrica: — ILANA Mercer (@IlanaMercer) June 9, 2020 A mere day on, and the City of Seattle was de […]

The Looting Is Local, Not Imported

r. Michael Baden had determined that George Floyd died by cop. This the courageous onlookers who captured the snuff film could have told him. The nation’s foremost forensic pathologist was called to weigh in, scientifically and independently, about the demise of the Minneapolis man who millions across the world, by now, have watched slowly suffocate […]

Real Societies Use Prophylactics

deas about liberty have evolved, thankfully. Egas Moniz, a Portuguese neurologist, received a Nobel Prize for performing lobotomies on his vulnerable, unconsenting psychiatric patients—or, rather, victims. Today, he is the just recipient of the contempt of decent mental-health practitioners. (Those who do not hold him in contempt are not decent.)   The same fate may […]

Pandemic, Plague, and Protests: Will Chile Join the Sh–hole Country Club?

efore the coronavirus pandemic and the plague of locusts came the protesters. From the affluent locales—Chile, France, Britain, Hong Kong, Catalonia—to the impoverished ones—Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and more the world was on fire (to borrow from Amy Chua’s brilliant book). The reasons cited for a worldwide conflagration ranged from […]

The Open-Border Fetish Is Turning Into a Symbol of Death

aking its cues from the American Left, the Israeli Left is all for national and individual self-immolation. But nobody who matters in that country has been listening to the Left babble on about “racism” and “Sinophobia.” Against the advice of its liberal think tanks—and to protect its nationals from the Wuhan virus pandemic—the Israelis had, […]