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Henry Olsen is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a think tank in Washington D.C. He is also an editor at UnHerd.com where he writes about populism and politics around the world. He is the co-author, with Dante Scala, of The Four Faces of the Republican Party (Palgrave, 2015) and is the author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism (HarperCollins, 2017).

Movement Conservatism Was Dying Before Trump

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is upon us, and its speakers list has caused some longtime conservatives to bemoan the state of the movement. Noting the invitation of French National Front leader Marion LePen, former UKIP head Nigel Farage, and others whose provenance lay soundly in what Steve Bannon called the “economic

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Making the GOP Great Again: The Real Reagan Example

Another day, another “crisis.” Did Trump say “shithole?" Will the government shut down over DACA? Did Trump pay off a porn star? Every day seems to feature a new outrage demanding our immediate attention. While it’s difficult not to be distracted by these skirmishes between Left and Right, people who are serious about

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Making the GOP Great Again

The thesis of both American Greatness and the Trump Presidency is that we can recover our country and make it great again through a restoration of politics. To do that, experience has shown that a significant majority of Americans must first come together in a political party that has some core principles, and

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How to Win Our (Un)Civil War

Ken Masugi, whom I have known and respected since we met while studying under the late Harry Jaffa during President Reagan's first term, thinks my recent articles betray a lack of understanding of the current crisis. In “The Rescue of Flight 93,” Masugi contends America is at an existential moment, what Jaffa would

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The Flight 93 Decade

Last fall, current Deputy Assistant to the President Michael Anton set off a firestorm with a pro-Trump essay titled "The Flight 93 Election." Anton argued that the election of Hillary Clinton was so threatening to America that she could be likened to the terrorists who took control of the doomed 9/11 Flight 93, intending

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Where Else Do Establishment Republicans Have to Go?

In a recent column, I advised conservatives and populists not to alienate less doctrinaire conservatives because they need their votes in general elections. A number of readers pointed out they have reason to be angry with “the establishment,” especially on matters like immigration and government spending. They have a great point. Just as

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