Articles by Gavin Clarkson

AOC Inadvertently Makes Kamala Harris’ ‘Birthright Citizenship’ an Issue

hen U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) attacked Kimberly Guilfoyle’s discussion of her immigrant heritage at the RNC, she inadvertently reignited the issue of Kamala Harris’ citizenship. Despite what globalist open-borders advocates like AOC claim, being born in the United States does not automatically confer citizenship under the 14th Amendment. The citizenship status of the parents […]

Hey Cancel Culture: What About Buffalo Soldiers?

he high priests of the cancel culture and their Black Lives Matter acolytes seek to erase history. While their first targets were Confederate statues, recently their wrath has targeted America’s Founders, particularly George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, for owning slaves. Black Lives Matter activists even defaced a statue of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed […]